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steamtrapsSteam Traps
controlvalvesControl Valves

prvPressure/Temperature Regulators
condensatepumpsCondensate Pumps

heatexchangersHeat Exchangers
reliefvalvesRelief Valves

pumpsPumps & Booster Systems
tanksseparatorsExpansion Tanks & Separators

separatorsexhaustheadsSeparators & Exhaust Heads

airventsAir Vents
Liquid Drainers

rotaryjointsRotary Joints/Unions

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gaugesthermometersGauges & Thermometers

Process Filters
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stainlessfittingsStainless Steel Fittings

copperfittingsCopper Fittings
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carbonsteelfittingsCarbon Steel Fittings

plasticfittingsPlastic Fitings

hosefittingsCamlock & Hose Fittings
compressionfittingsInstrumentation Fittings

ballvalvesBall Valves
gateglobevalvesGate & Globe Valves

butterflyvalvesButterfly Valves
checkvalvesCheck Valves

sanitaryvalvesSanitary Valves

solenoidvalvesSolenoid Valves
instrumentationvalvesInstrumentation Valves

Seamless Sch 40/80 Steel Pipe
Seamless Sch 10/40/80 SS Pipe
Seamless Sch 40/80 Galvanized Pipe
Copper Tubing
Welded Sch 40/80 Steel Pipe
Welded Sch 10/40/80 SS Pipe
Welded Sch 40/80 Galvanized Pipe
Sanitary Tubing
Refrigeration Tubing

Custom length cutting and threading available.

Post Bases
Round Bar
Angle Bar
C Chanel
Stainless/Carbon Plates
Pipe Supports/Hanger
All Thread Rod
Flat Bar
Square/Rectangular Tubing
Stainless/Carbon/Fiberglass Grating

Fiberglass Insulation
PVC/Aluminum Jacketing
Custom Valve Insulation
Foam Insulation
Color-Coded Jacketing
Insulation Installment Service

Heat Exchange Packages
Pressure Booster Pump Packages
Pre-Piped Steam Trap Trains
Condensate Pump Packages
Pre-Piped Pressure Reducing Stations
Custom Pre-Piped Packages and Skids

Stainless Steel Braided Hose
Steam Service Hose
Plastic Tubing
Custom End Connections
Food/Beverage Service Hose
Hydraulic Hose
Washdown Hose Stations
Custom Hose Reels

gasketingNuts, Bolts, Studs & Gaskets
plasticsgluePVC/CPVC Primer & Cement

pipecementPipe Cement
antiseizeandlubeAnti-Seize, Threading Oil & Lube

solderSolder & MAPP Gas
pipetapePipe Tape