MEP Resource Center

To simplify the process for engineers, we have put together some of the most common equipment that is specified on design jobs. We have tried to include the necessary documents, including:

  • Catalog Data
  • Specifications
  • Submittal Drawings
  • Revit Drawings
  • IOMs
  • Sample Schedules
  • Sample Line Drawings

We are always looking to add more If you have any question or believe something is missing or incorrect on these downloads, please use to reach out to us in our collaborative support portal.

Brain Digital Mixing Centers

DMC25BS (Up to 45 GPM)
DMC25-25BS (Up to 90 GPM)
DMC40BS (Up to 98 GPM)
DMC-40-40BS( Up to 196 GPM)
DMC50BS (Up to 188 GPM)
DMC50-50BS (Up to 376 GPM)
DMC80BS (Up to 188 GPM)
DMC80-80BS (Up to 376 GPM)
DMC80-80-80BS (Up to 564 GPM)

Digital-Flo Boiler Water PHE

DF15WDW40BS (Up to 15 GPM)
DF35WDW40BS (Up to 35 GPM)
DF65WDW50BS (Up to 65 GPM)
DF90WDW80BS (Up to 90 GPM)
DF120WDW80BS (Up to 120 GPM)
DF15WEDW40BS (Up to 15 GPM)
DF35WEDW40BS (Up to 35 GPM)
DF65WEDW50BS (Up to 65 GPM)
DF90WEDW80BS (Up to 90 GPM)
DF120WEDW80BS (Up to 120 GPM)

Digital-Flo Instantaneous Steam/Water Heater

DF415DW40BS (Up to 20 GPM)
DF535DW40BS (Up to 41 GPM)
DF665DW50BS (Up to 73 GPM)
DF8120DW80BS (Up to 165 GPM)
DF415DWP40BS (Up to 40 GPM)
DF535DWP50BS (Up to 73 GPM)
DF665DWP80BS (Up to 165 GPM)
DF8120DWP80BS (Up to 165 GPM)
DF415DWP40-40BS (Up to 20 GPM)
DF535DWP40-40BS (Up to 41 GPM)
DF665DWP50-50BS (Up to 73 GPM)
DF8120DWP80-80BS (Up to 165 GPM)

Digital-Flo Semi Instantaneous Steam/Water Heater

DFS15DW40BS (Up to 18 GPM)
DFS35DW40BS (Up to 41 GPM)
DFS50DW50BS (Up to 73 GPM)
DFS90DW80BS (Up to 137 GPM)

RADA Digital Faucets


ABH Hot Water Generation and Control Solutions

ABH299 (360 – 600 GPH Recovery)
ABH399 (466 – 776 GPH Recovery)
ABH599 (734 – 1223 GPH Recovery)

GP-2000 Externally Pilot Pressure Regulator

GP-1000 Internally Pilot Pressure Regulator

GD-30 Direct Acting Pressure Regulator

PT-104 Mechanical Condensate Pump

PT-200 Mechanical Condensate Pump

PT-3500 Mechanical Condensate Pump

PT-300 Mechanical Condensate Pump

PT-400 Mechanical Condensate Pump

PT-516 Mechanical Condensate Pump

Double Duty DD-4 Steam Trap and Pump

Double Duty DD-6 Steam Trap and Pump

Double Duty DD-12 Steam Trap and Pump

VAFT – Vertical Flash Tank


HAFT – Horizontal Flash Tank


4200 Series Electric Condensate Pump

Steel Receiver Condensate Pumps
Cast Iron Receiver Condensate Pumps
Stainless Steel Receiver Condensate Pumps