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    System Optimization. Electrification. Emissions reduction. Decarbonization.

    Is your head spinning from all these buzzwords currently being thrown around in the industry? All these terms are actually intertwined, going hand-in-hand, but where do you begin to understand how they fit into your system and what opportunities are available to you?

    A thermal assessment is the place to get started. During a thermal assessment, Warden’s factory-trained field technicians perform a high-level walk-through of your facilities to evaluate your thermal utilities system. Our experts will:

    • Establish an initial baseline of your thermal utilities
    • Identify pain points in your thermal utilities infrastructure, from generation, distribution and use to condensate return
    • Provide overall observations of system deficiencies, potential impact if these are not addressed
    • Recommend next steps

    After an initial thermal assessment is completed, Warden can help create a customized plan of action to meet your goals on your roadmap towards decarbonization, including more in-depth studies and potential projects.

    Not sure if a thermal assessment is right for you and want more information? Contact us now for more information or to schedule your thermal assessment and begin your journey towards decarbonization.