Industry Spotlight: Hospitality

Keeping up with the latest standards in the rapidly-growing hospitality market is a challenge. Warden offers a number of solutions for the hospitality industry to provide the best systems available. Check out some of the product and service offerings Warden offers to the hospitality industry.

Guest Safety and Comfort

Hot water generation with industry-leading digital mixing valve technology

Digital mixing valves and digital mixing centers for continuous monitoring of domestic water for water-borne disease prevention and anti-scald control.

Heat Transfer Coils / Heat Exchange Packages for Comfort Heating


Utilities Efficiency

Steam Traps / Air Vents / Liquid Drainers

Control Valves / Pressure & Temperature Regulators

Condensate Pumps & Packages

Gauges / Thermometers


Water Management Plan: Water-Borne Disease Prevention & Anti-Scald

Steam Trap Management Programs for energy efficiency, system reliability, and safety

Thermal Assessments to ensure safety, efficiency, and reliability of your system

Validated thermal and noise reduction sound surveys with custom insulation solutions for efficiency and safety.