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    Founded in 1923 Guy L. Warden & Sons has 100 years of experience in process systems, specializing in steam and condensate systems for both institutional and industrial applications. Whether it is with MEP design firms or facilities teams, it is Warden’s goal to share that knowledge. Multiple options for education are available to fit your needs.

    Quick Training Sessions

    Whether it is in person or via web conferencing, Warden can set up bite-sized courses to fit your schedule. From steam basics to sessions about the latest products on the market, we often hold these short sessions during a lunch hour or during safety meetings to impart a few pieces of system knowledge that can be taken out into the facility.

    Off-Site Boot Camp Training:

    Partnered with Armstrong International, our customers have the ability to attend customized training in a state-of-the-art facility with working steam and hot water systems using glass piping, so the inner workings of a system can be viewed. Hands-on training is available as well for specific types of equipment.

    Online Courses

    Armstrong University is a free, comprehensive online educational curriculum that covers many aspects of industrial process systems. All courses are free to access, and custom curriculums can be tailored to meet your needs as well. You can access Armstrong University here.

    Whatever your education and training needs are, Warden has a solution. Please reach out to us to schedule your next session or to inquire about more information.