Armada by Armstrong is an end-to-end domestic hot water system that offers best-in-class user safety, infection control and compliance from mechanical room to point of use. Through leading-edge hot water generation, master mixing, and point-of-use control, Armada mitigates the incubation of waterborne pathogens, prevents scalding, and provides real-time insights and historical reporting capabilities that comply with CMS, ASHRAE and other regulatory standards.

The complete Armada system includes Armstrong water heaters, The Brain Digital Recirculating Valves, Rada digital faucets, and SAGE monitoring, measuring and reporting software.

Armstrong provides industry-leading hot water generation, offering gas-fired hot water generators, steam-to-water heat exchange packages, or water-to-water heat exchange packages.

Armstrong’s Brain digital mixing valves are an industry-standard, providing unparalleled temperature control with zero system flow required. The Brain is offered as a standalone valve or in a variety a pre-piped digital mixing centers. These valves connect to SAGE software for performance monitoring, recording and documentation.

  • +/-2°F DRV water temperature control from peak flow rate to zero fixture demand
  • LCD display which indicates: set point, delivered temperature, error codes and alarm conditions capable of BAS and mobile connectivity
  • Programmable set point range of 81-158°F (27-70°C) capable of BAS or mobile monitoring and adjustment
  • Programmable thermal disinfection range of 158-185°F (70-85°C)
  • Programmable 1st level hi/lo temp alarm display capable of BAS or mobile alerting
  • Automatic safe closure of hot water inlet in response to: inlet supply failure, power failure, or programmable high temperature error

Armstrong has brought the unparalleled accuracy, stability and safety of The Brain Digital Recirculation Valve to a point-of-use solution. Armstrong RADA Digital Faucets designed for best-in-class safety, health, and efficiency are an essential component of Armada Smarter Hot Water.

  • Programmable hands-free activation and temperature control
  • ASSE 1070 approved—no requirement for separate under-sink TMV
  • Bluetooth technology for programming and information management
  • Programmable automatic fixture flush to evacuate stagnant water
  • Sensible thermal disinfection protocol—one fixture at a time
  • Innovative bacterial-resistant internal design
  • Integration with The Brain® for complete hot water system monitoring and temperature control
  • SAGE software for system performance monitoring, recording and documentation