Condensate recovery is integral to an efficient and reliable steam system. If condensate is not being returned, energy is being wasted. Depending on the pressure, condensate leaving a trap contains approximately 20% of the heat energy transferred at the boiler in the form of sensible heat. In addition to the energy loss, there are costs associated in the loss of inputs in fuel, water, boiler chemicals, and manpower. Environmental and personnel safety hazards are another potential concern with condensate that is not being returned.

Each condensate recovery application is unique. Warden offers a variety of solutions for condensate recovery. Our team can assess your facility and determine the best solution for your condensate return needs, sizing your application and evaluating your system at the point of condensate return, looking at spacing, available utilities, and venting and customizing a solution for your facility.

To see how Warden can help implement a condensate recovery solution for you, please contact us.